Friday, December 4, 2009

Life Is Beautiful!

I'VE been going a little crazy, thinking about *TIME* recently. There isn't nearly enough of it and it goes by much too quickly. No wonder men searched for the Fountain of Youth. Even when they didn't have blogging to waste ... errrr... *stimulate* their hours, time still went by too quickly back then.
It has been cold with the full moon and clear skies here in our part of Oregon. I have been using my new camera a bit more, trying not to hit the wrong buttons on the small metal contraption. I've still resisted reading the manual! (shame on me)
Wednesday night I talked the Mister into going to see "Julie & Julia" with me and we howled during parts of it. Meryl Streep is extraordinary. Is there anything she can not do?
Note: the woman in this photo is the "real deal."
I got some shots of the moon on Wednesday (above), hanging in the trees, and one this morning as it set in the western sky. Cold and frosty, there was just enough moisture in the air to frost the leaves with what looked like fine, fine sugar.
Today I reconnected with cousins and aunts and uncles as we marked the loss of a mother, sister and aunt - my Aunt Dorothy - at a memorial service. The minister said a lot of good things and Aunt Dot's daughter spoke about her. I will always remember her laugh and the way she loved to entertain and feed people and the joy she took in the life she had.
Someone made those no-cook oatmeal and chocolate drop goodies for the reception afterward. (You cook a chocolate fudge mixture, stir in uncooked oatmeal and drop them by spoonfuls onto a pan.) Those made several of us feel like small children again, since most of our mothers always made them, so maybe there is a Fountain of Youth! Or at least a pan of youth.
On the way home from the memorial service, the sun was setting. It was truly glorious. It gives you a good feeling about tomorrow when you see something as rich and beautiful as a golden sky with triumphant beams shining down. It makes you think perhaps we are destined to end our time upstairs in the heavenly condos, wearing white robes and eating bon bons all day and not gaining an ounce! But make those bon bons chocolate oatmeal drops for me, please - femminismo

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Candace said...

Hello, Jeanne,
Time fairly runs away from me as fast as possible. It's really rather irritating.

My condolences on your Aunt. She sounds like a treasure and I'm happy such is in our lives. And that Old Sol really knows how to send us on our way, doesn't he?

Now, while I doubt Julia and I will be in the same area of the Kitchen On High, I feel sure she would approve of bonbons and no weight gain. Great movie, eh? Love that Stanley Tucci!
As for me, should I make it to "The Top", I will take that gorgeous necklace of leaves over any halo, thanks. Nature and I are old friends, and I can't -- make that won't -- leave Her.
Take care, Pal. Dress warm!
Candace in Athens