Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Drum roll, please, as December begins ........

AVERT your eyes, ye vegetarians!
On Sunday we visited our friends Jim and Carol who barbecued a turkey. It was our second Thanksgiving feast, and a very nice dinner. Driving to their house is always "going home" to me, since they live in the small town where I grew up. I still feel, sometimes, that I could drive that road with my eyes closed.
ABOUT time to post something, letting you know I'm still alive. Today it was sunny in our part of Oregon, even though a little brisk. I walked to the office supply shop to get some glossy brochure paper to try on the color copier at work. At least it gave me a purpose, and that is what I need when I walk. (Although I just heard on a television program - about the brain - that regular aerobic exercise promotes the health of, or growth of, brain synapses, so I guess I will use the "old brain not falling apart" as another good reason to walk.)
The grounds next door to our office make up a wonderful "campus" and that is where my gorgeous tree is, the one I am watching now through spring. There are also roses still blooming - pink, white and yellow. Above is the building where I used to work before we moved. I like the plants they've installed in the gardens here. They are jammed in everywhere - daisies, evergreens, magnolias, cedars, hollyhocks - it's all good!
I am trying out a new camera, too. I got it on Black Friday and I'm trying to fall in love with it. It's tiny and my hands aren't very big but I seem to hit the wrong buttons and dials sometimes. The strap is always around my wrist so I don't drop the camera.
And this last picture is very relevant today, I suppose. This particular flag has always fascinated me with its beauty and its pull on my emotions. As a little girl in the classroom, honoring it with my hand on my heart and the words of the pledge on my lips, and today trying to honor it by being the best citizen I can be. Tonight, to hear the President tell the nation that we must continue sending troops (30,000) to Afghanistan to soothe this troubled spot of the world that threatens us - and everyone - tonight, it was difficult. The flag looked beautiful this afternoon, as you can tell, with the wind blowing from the north. There is little doubt it is worth defending. However, I never wanted this particular fight to start. Torn emotionally and spiritually, I feel sad tonight. Isn't there a better way? Will this planet ever be big enough for everyone? Won't we ever desire peace and brotherhood more than war? When will feeding the poor and healing the sick take precedence? - femminismo
p.s. I am a great aunt again. The baby girl we prayed for was born Nov. 29. Welcome, Brayden.

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Candace said...

Oh Jeanne, what a lovely post. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me, as the song goes.
And congrats on the baby girl! Is she in my neck of the woods as someone else is?
Nice pix, too! Ah, yes, new cameras. Say I am just now getting the old one broken in. ha!
Take care and be of good cheer, your wishes do not go unnoticed, I am sure.
Now about that burglar ...!