Monday, December 28, 2009

A Blue Sky December Day

I'm blogging this through Picasa and I don't really know what will happen. Let's see, shall we? Today was too nice to eat lunch at my desk. I put on my scarf, coat and gloves and grabbed the camera to try it out on large and small subjects.
I've been retouching and collaging a group of photos in Picasa and having fun. (Just generally wasting time.) I loved these fat, fat birds perched in this tree. They weren't moving because of me. They knew I was far enough away and they were high enough, I guess. Also the sun was radiantly warm and who would leave this kind of perch until they absolutely had to?
The only drawback to my walk was I lost an earring. I'll have to go back tomorrow and retrace my steps. Wish me luck - femminismo
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femminismo said...

I'm wondering if these birds were really this fat or simply puffing their feathers up for more insulating layers. Wish I could do that. - femminismo

Candace said...

Well, if I were having MY photo made, I would certainly fluff up the old feathers a bit. Great photo, Jeanne. And good luck on the earring!
Hope you aren't freezing over there.
Candace in Athens.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous shot, Jeanne! The blue of the sky is incredible. Hope you find the earring, although I know you have a couple of others at home.... :)

Judy said...

Anonymous is me...Judy! Forgot my password for a minute.:)