Saturday, December 5, 2009

Posting to Compare Cameras

TODAY I just want to post some photos from around the house to compare my old camera, a 5 megapixel Gateway, with a 12 megapixel Nikon.
It's been difficult getting used to a new camera. I think I already mentioned how small it is and whenever I put my finger on the shutter release I hit another larger button that controls a lot of optional settings. I have to stop the picture taking and undo those options before I can go on.
Small is a good thing in that I want something handy to carry in my pocket or purse. Quality of photos is something important also, but because I generally use my photos for blogging and don't aim to become a professional "shooter" I want to see how they look on the blog.
So here goes. Photos of Y2K, the year 2000 Crash gimmick someone gave me. He still hangs around the house, on the dining room table, and when we read things like ... well, certain people giving "birther" opinions ... then we drop Y2K on the table and it sounds like breaking glass. And the stained glass hanging in the window. Excuse the dirty windows. The stained glass is beautiful, though. My sister made it for my mother and she gave it to me, although I often wonder if it doesn't deserve to be in my sister's home.
Let the judging begin. The photos, when clicked on and opened, show the name with the camera used in the title - femminismo
p.s. It's sunshining like crazy outside.
p.p.s. The photos were taken with approximately the same care and conditions.

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Candace said...

As always, Jeanne, you are simply fearless! Love that Y2K Crash, ha!

Well, and this is from another amateur remember, I see the main and perhaps most important difference is the sharpness of colour. Also the Nikon seems to have more of an overall clarity in its photos. The Gateway is fine, too, just slightly softer around the edges (like me).
I think that stained glass is fine just where it is, young lady.
Take care!
Your Camera Bug Compadre in Athens.