Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do You See What I See?

ALL around us, lights burn through the dark to light up the darkness of winter.
People seem more cheerful and helpful. They think of others. They are full of good wishes. People I let cut in through traffic clogged streets I send on with a "Merry Christmas," since this is my gift to them: letting them in ahead of me.
I did a lot of shopping today and was stuck in one store for quite a while searching through all the wonders for "the perfect thing."
Now to wrap them and prepare food for tomorrow night's visit with family.
I pray you are warm, safe and happy tonight - femminismo
-- Christmas On McCombe's Farm
A silhouetted boy, Michael McCombe, holds lit colored lights that he's about to string on a roadside tree to decorate for Christmas. Location: Riverhead, NY, US; taken in December 1971 by photographer Leonard McCombe. From Life magazine photo archives hosted by Google.


A rambling rose said...

A very happy Christmas to you to! I am missing the cold here down under!

Candace said...

Fantastic photo. That's pretty much what is going on here as well. It's like we are all ready to take a breather, isn't it?

Happiest of all holidays,

ArtSparker said...

Sweet that you are contributing to kindness at this time of year, because frequently people can become more rushed and consequently aggressive. Have a good holiday.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed following your adventures all year, and wish you and your loved ones much joy and creative juciness..