Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Back From Sunny Mexico!!

BIENVENIDOS, fellow travelers in the Blogosphere. I have returned to Home Sweet Home, my own bed and pillow and, of course, the keyboard.
THANK YOU for waiting with bated breath for the next exciting installment in the life of "Femminismo: Super Traveler!"
Yes, the Mister and I survived the miserly airplane snacks, the Gestapo passport enforcer, the drive after dark on Saturday night from the Cabo airport car rental place to our central downtown Cabo del San Jose hotel - the El Encanto, a very nice place with lighted candles burning throughout the gardens.
The next day we survived the drive from Cabo del San Jose, through Cabo San Lucas, to Todos Santos on the western (Pacific) side of Baja California Sur. This trip was made over Mexican Highway No. 1, which is also a well-known raceway on which people with little desire to live to ripe old ages regularly travel. Yikes! Ay Chihuahua! Oy vay!
As you can see above, my piggies are nice and warm here on San Perdito Beach near Todos Santos. I took a picture of my foot (in a shoe) embedded in the hail storm that hit before we left. (It's somewhere down below this post.) As promised, I did get my feet to a warmer climate. Heavenly!
We also visited San Pedro Beach (Las Palmas) which had large flocks of big pelicans, and seagulls, too, that are smaller than the ones we generally see on the Oregon coast.
Los Cerritos was the last major beach we visited. The Mister liked it best. It took him back to his youth in Los Angeles and hanging out on the beaches with his friends - swimming and girl watching.
It's getting late and I need my beauty sleep. I'll have more photos tomorrow. Stay tuned!
ALSO: There have been 1,310 visitors. Lucky number 2,000 gets an art prize. Remember to check in from time to time. You might be the lucky winner! Buenos noches - femminismo

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