Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Post for April 2008.

LAST chance to post during April. Another month gone, one day at a time.
I hope we will see warmer spring weather again this weekend. Which reminds me that I'd better plant some more sweet peas while the weather is cooler as it may all become way too warm very soon.
I did a little bit of art today but I don't have a photo to post so I'll show you what I drew with my right foot in Mexico. Stunning, isn't she? Of course she was a very impermanent creation and was probably gone before we left the beach that evening.
I hope you have been doing creative things. I finished a writing project today about an experience during my teens - one I've been thinking about a lot. One thing about growing older: We have a lot of memories to draw on. - femminismo

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! Just checking in to catch up on what's been goin' on. Sounds like you had a perfect birthday. Do you really feel 39? Because you sure look great!!!
Love to you from your "favorite" little sis. You know....the one that is Mama's favorite!!!