Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Great Internet Celebration

TODAY, 40 years ago, the Internet began - and then crashed. How many times did you encounter problems on your machine today? Me? Only this one time (left). For the most part things went swimmingly. (And this really isn't the Internet. Only Windows.)
And remember my "Woe is me" whine yesterday about all the pretty leaves being swept up? Well today I had to walk down a soggy sidewalk covered with slimy leaves. They must have all fallen at the same time and gotten a lot of rain and traffic. I think the city must be responsible for them - and I hope they get to them soon before someone falls.
I bought a balance ball today; a yoga exercise ball. I am going to use it to sit on at the computer. I cannot deal with chairs any more. They turn my knees inward and cause me aches and pains. The ball is supposed to keep your back straight and strengthen your core muscles. I'll let you know how it works once I've got it properly inflated. I was using a foot pump and it will take half again as much air to get it to the proper size.
Tonight the sun was setting in the west, although you could not see it for all the fog and mist. It was still light enough outside so you knew the sun was setting because the air was pinkish orange. I couldn't get a photo of the sky's color, but I did take this one in the near dark of the back yard. A snowball tree's red leaves are glowing. (I think I spotted a witch's body in the tree above the red snowball leaves!!)
Then I noticed the way the clematis is reaching up for the twisty copper tubing the Mister added - exactly for this purpose: So the plant could climb higher. ArtSparker has a cool Halloween pattern for anyone who would like to make black bats - femminismo
p.s. Click on her name and follow her guide.


Don said...

Those photos look 3D! Yes, there are witches in them trees!

Candace said...

Wow, Jeanne. These photos are great. (It irks me that none of the REAL colour comes thru in my photos. Drat. Wish I had your touch with this stuff!)
Wet leaves, yuck. I have a fear of falling on that stuff.

That yoga ball will be a good thing if T. can be believed!

Thanks for the visit... I have already put that dress to further good use.
Your Pal.

frayedattheedge said...

Hi Jeanne - found your blog through the comment you left on Sarah's (circles of rain)! I had Internet problems yesterday and had to spend a very frustrating 30 minutes on the phone to aol's 'customer services'. If you like photos of the Scottish countryside, then do pop over to my blog _ I live in the glotious Scottish Borders!! Regards, Anne