Friday, October 23, 2009

Sticky Fingers . . . Gooey Paper

PAINTED journaling once again. I think I told you about the Kelly Kilmer class I took and the little book I made there. Well, I have nearly all the pages painted and am ready to paste in my images and papers and then add some words.
I have been keeping track of my dreams - and not that this phrase is overused in letters and journaling, but - yes, I've titled the first page "DREAMS." (thanks, Neko!)
I've even started going through a bag of journaling "trash" with odds and ends of everything I've liked the look of and couldn't throw away. I have taken just two or three items and torn them up and glued them down. (Will the journaling ever get done??)
I know I've had plenty of great dreams. One was so realistic I still get dizzy thinking of it. I was balanced far above the earth - high enough so the houses were about the size of match boxes - and I'm standing on a hollow metal tube next to someone else with better balance. (I'm hoping, anyway.)
I am doing pretty good but all of a sudden it hits me that I'm losing my balance. (Of course, as in dreams, I am looking at myself doing all of this.) I reach out my hand to the person sort of next to me - oh oh! getting dizzy visualizing this - and say, "Would you mind?"
I don't know what she says - I think it was a she; I know it was - because the dream ends! And the dream was in color.
Another dream I had I looked at myself in a mirror. This was a first for me; seeing myself in a dream.
Don't you love these "Kelly Kilmer Colors"? You mix highly pigmented acrylics with matte medium, paint and dry (hair dryer) and rub the pages in-between each color. The green page stuck and some paper ripped off, but then the coat of yellow went right onto the "new" paper.
While I was waiting for the DREAMS letters' glue to dry I started painting over the pages in a book on recycling. I can't get over the paradox - or genius - of finding this book right when I wanted something else to paint. (That's the book with the waxed paper between the pages. One side is blank for a while, which will be perfect for writing in ... someday.
Some of these pages might look familiar to you. I am tearing apart magazines. Yay! Then I can finally recycle them *really* and finally. And yes, you too can have a self! Just install it from this handy kit. (I've already used what was in the box.) What would one look like do you think? Would it have exotic ingredients you mix and drink?
So dreams ... what are some of the other ones I've had? I've written them down and would really like to have had some cool ones - like bears talking to me and telling me very intelligent, witty, meaningful thoughts, but I don't have dreams like that. Maybe I will tonight - femminismo
p.s. The last photo was taken on self-portrait Wednesday, but I didn't think you'd want to see me close up. Too many wrinkles! That's me up there, fourth bird up from the leader. (click on pics)


Candace said...

Great journal pages and I love that last pic! Geese in flight esp high high up just do it to me.

The dreams are really interesting. I've seen myself in a mirror a couple of times. My hair is always the blond it was when I was a little kid, and my eyes the most brilliant turquoise. (I wonder if that's the "real" me? Mmm.)

Anyway, seeing one's self in a mirror means reflecting -- and it is that time of year, you know.

So glad you've been having some fun times here. Excellent post!

Your Pal,

femminismo said...

Aha! I knew Candace would have the answer to my dream "meaning." Reflection?! Yes, it is time to reflect on things.

ArtPropelled said...

Funny, I never remember my dreams. I love your clown page!