Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tea Party With Candace

LO, across these many American miles, I travel to be with my Athens, Ga., correspondent, Candace.
Here's mud in yer eye, Candace, my pal. Tea for two and such as that.
Glad to participate. My black Stetson hat has a copper-colored ribbon, an oak leaf with an oak ball growing on it (well, not anymore, but it's stuck there into eternity) and a black tanager feather with an orange stripe. (I'm guessing it was a tanager. I'm not a birder, as such.)
The orange glow can only mean Halloween spirits are calling, like the woman in my dream last night that had me rising from my pillow in answer to her calling my name. She wanted me to wake up and, I think, go with her. When I realized I was still in bed and her skirts turned into being my curtains, my head fell back to the pillow and I slept through the rest of the night.
Fascinating dream, but she didn't say anything witty or memorable. She did call my name though - femminismo (not that name - my *real* name)
p.s. I'm going to a play tonight! Exciting, isn't it?


Candace said...

Oh Jeanne, that was me giving you a shout out! Come on over after the play and have a cup of fresh brew with us, Pal!

I love that effect in your photo! You are so courageous with your camera.
Candace in Athens.

Sarah said...

Am I far too late for tea? I think I am but never mind, maybe I can help you swep up some of those slimy leaves!