Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Tree I've Chosen to Watch.

I HAVE chosen a tree to watch through the seasons. Beginning with fall - although I'm sure some have already posted theirs. I don't know whose site I first saw this on, but I have found mine to watch.
It's a favorite maple tree along a roadway and in the later fall it is the most gorgeous colors. I want to save all the leaves and press them in a book. I think I will make a hanging display of some of the leaves for my office window, or iron them between sheets of waxed paper like the kids used to do in kindergarten. Do they still do that?
Near this maple tree I went walking through a rose garden and found some delights.
The large building nearby and all the grounds used to be an old folks home - the Masonic & Eastern Star Home in Forest Grove. It's now rented to a company that uses the various rooms for a bed and breakfast, a restaurant and movie theater.
The roses were mostly put in by these new renters. There is also a Frisbee golf course on the property, so I had to be careful while I was out taking pictures. No one was shouting "Fore!"
These photos look like they might be big enough to make you feel as if you could smell the flowers.
It has been a weekend of working around the house and getting a little work done with dust bunnies. No art - again! This is a sad state of affairs, and it must change.
Creative Circle is this next Saturday, so I know I will be making something then. I should get out my knitting. It's getting cooler here and while I picked beans today - the few that are left - the wind chilled my hands. I did find some edible sugar snap peas, however, blooming and maturing. We had four of them for dinner tonight.
I hope you all have a creative week planned - femminismo


Candace said...

Wow, talk about voluptuous. These roses are IT! I especially love the stripedy one. And the tree you have picked is fit for the ever changing occasions. What a beauty.

I do love coming for my visits. Always something wonderful happening in your part of the world.
Get More of What You Love,

grrl + dog said...

while I am not the one with the green thumb in our pack, I can cheer you on to knit...

perfect if you can still see your maple and knit at the same time.