Sunday, October 25, 2009

Play's The Thing!

HERE'S a blurry photo from the play, "It's A Lovely Day," we say Saturday night. Some of the props were quite ingenious. I especially liked the windows at the very end that the characters were carrying and "behind." Perhaps representing eyes, since eyes are the window to the soul.
A new way to see? Something along these lines. The play was billed as a "revolutionary farce" and it was infinitely farcical.
I hope your weekend held something fun, and you laughed - a lot. femminismo
p.s. The "person" kneeling down beside the actor front and center was dressed as a sock monkey. I know what she will be for Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Having lo-fi props is a reminder of childhood plays that were staged in the loungeroom to a packed audience of the next door neighbours and local dogs...

Candace said...

I love plays that rely on low end props instead of cheesy big budgets. And the sock monkey? Simply great.

Glad you had a good time!