Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain Today ... No Bright Roses.

THE RAIN has begun. It's October in Oregon and that's generally when it starts.
The sounds on the skylight in the morning and the patter after dark. Warm cooked dinner in the oven tonight. Hot roasted potatoes and carrots. A fire in the fireplace.
Watched television guiltlessly. What a sea change. (Isn't that what they say?)
Then received news of a death in the family that was expected, yet unexpected.
Now thinking of this day and how it will remind me in the future of a loss of someone I knew who liked chocolate and beer together. Someone who told a joke I wish I'd never repeated to the Mister. (I hear it too often.) Someone who could fix just about anything and machine parts from metal if a replacement couldn't be found. A storyteller. Someone who could share the same memories and tell you things about the woods you didn't know.
Goodbye, Dick.


Candace said...

So sorry for the loss, Jeanne. He sounds like a great good person. It's funny how these cycles occur, isn't it?
Rain... gosh. We have buckets again. I haven't seen this much in one season in a while...

Take good care, Pal.
Thinking of you.

acornmoon said...

I am sorry to hear of your loss, I hope in time you are able to remember the good times without grief.

Seth said...

Sending out thoughts to you and your family.

femminismo said...

The deer in the surf reminds me of Dick somewhat - an outdoors person, an individualist; the deer walking as we all do through this natural world - alone, ultimately, among all that surrounds us.