Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Love Autumn!

FALL is too dull a word for what's surrounding us today.
Red, orange, yellow - piles of leaves on the sidewalks and pine and fir trees shedding their needles. I would scoop them all up and take them home IF I had room and IF they would stay lovely.
Here is a bouquet I made today and you can see the pine needles on the table in front of the container. (Yes, Photoshopped.)
I took a walk and had on good shoes for sloshing my feet through nice dry leaves. On rose bushes there were rose hips of all kinds. Bright, fat, orange ones, soft red ones and some still green and just turning red like an apple.
The tree I am watching hasn't put on any color yet. I'm in no hurry.
On my walk I found a beautiful smoke bush (much taller than me; doesn't take much!) and the leaves aren't nearly as red as our neighbor's smaller potted tree. I think maybe the taller one hasn't gotten as cold and will turn color a little more slowly. Can't wait to see it happen.
I am still reading Michael Chabon's book and want to watch "Ship of Fools." It came in the mail yesterday. I haven't seen it in forever. Fanciful Twist's Halloween worldwide blog party is happening this Saturday. Candace is going to "spook" things up on her blog. I will try, but I cannot promise too much. Maybe pumpkin pie. Stop by for some - femminismo

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Candace said...

You ol' sweetie!
I'll tell you what's gorgeous -- that plant of yours, that's what! The rain is finally clearing out over here and it will be rather brisk weatherwise tomorrow. Maybe some red, orange and yellow will emerge here...

DO save me some of that pie, Punkin!

Your Correspondent in Athens.