Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Self-Portrait Wednesday.

WOE is me. Something is wrong with the card slot on my USB port. Time to make a call to my own personal geek squad. (Peter!) I need to download photos!
How about if I post something I've meant to show you and then I finish watching "Dark Passage" with Bogart and his Betty?
Today was a day of manipulating files on the computer and figuring out tab settings. Haven't done that in a while and it was sort of fun. (I know; I'm an odd one.) Beautiful day today. I saw ducks in a field on the way to work and a swallow sailing through the sky. I saw a huge plane flying over our town. I saw a sign at a corn stand that said, "That's all folks! Thanks for your business."
I heard an ambulance and a train. I picked green beans and cooked them for dinner. I got an e-mail from a woman who thanked me for "being so kind." Touched my heart.
(Picture of me in Montana and leaves in Montana - September.)
I thought about home today: the smells of dinner cooking as I walked up the hill toward our house from the bus stop. I can hear the radio now and my dad laughing and asking if there were any "threatening letters" in the mail today. I never asked him - I don't think I did - who they might be from. The old percolator coffee pot on the stove. Hot coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I always thought that and milk were the only beverages people drank with meals. "Dish rags," not dish cloths. Wash rags, not wash cloths. I remember washing my hair in an enamel pan sitting on an upturned apple box in our bathtub. Once my sister and I caught buckets of rain water to wash our hair. It turned out so soft!
Two photos from the Art Harvest Studio Tour this past weekend. This is Elizabeth Santone near Carlton. She made felted scarves (I bought a really pretty one called "Lavender Night" and she also made other items - potholders, rugs and hats - and did amazing watercolors. I had never seen anyone "felt" before. Now you have too - femminismo

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Candace said...

Oh Jeanne, This post comes from the heart and goes right to it too.
So sorry about your 'puter problemos! Been there, done that, and ick!! Worse than a snake cake, I bet.

I still say 'rags' and not cloths lots of time.

Elizabeth Santone, wow, what a gorgeous presence and with gorgeous things to show. Might have to check out this felting gig one day. lol.

You keep on keeping on, Kid!