Sunday, April 20, 2008

2,000th Visitor Expected Soon!

I SAID I would do it, and I will. Yesterday - Saturday - I started on a piece of artwork destined to go to the 2,000th visitor to my small section of the blogosphere. It's not totally finished, but here's the starting point:
You can see the fanciful "clipped art" and the original drawing of the Mystery Woman. It's on a nice piece of Arches watercolor paper that adds a lot of stability to the piece. (It may need it if I continue to fiddle and add to it.)
I had no idea where it was going when I started it. I only liked the two colors - pale green and a pinkish brown - so that's what I went with.
Today I must do household chores and entertain a bit so I'm leaving you with the fun Creative Circle evening I had last night with fellow crafters who have great ideas and follow through on them.
Turquoize Moon, and other volunteers, lead us through a different type of craft each month. Last night we took small bottles and decorated them any way we wanted. Turquoize wanted to bottle up some joy. I think she succeeded. Here is a close-up of her bottle (the collage is inspired!) and then a photo of the creator (creatress?).
Doesn't she look like the picture of joy herself? I'll bet you agree with me. Let's all find time to do some art today, even if it's only a small sketch or an arrangement of spring flowers. - femminismo

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Dawn said...

Turquoize is a vision of joy! I love this picture of her.
By the way - I've tagged you - check out my blog for the details.