Saturday, April 12, 2008

We Brought The Sun With Us.

TODAY has been an excellent day in our part of Oregon. (Note: That is not Oregon on the left.) With the bright sunshine, warm temps and no rain there were no excuses for staying indoors. So now, at 7:30 p.m. I am looking for a bottle of Aleve to avoid that morning after backache.
We must have brought the sun along with us on our return from Mexico. It took a while to catch up, but no complaints ... because here it is!
For an art blog, I am sure you've noticed I haven't been doing much art lately. Not posting it, anyway. I hope to end that dry spell soon. I did one watercolor on my trip and a couple of quick sketches. That's about it.
The photo above is at the Casa Bentley where we stayed in Todos Santos. Ah, maid service, warmer weather, beaches, eating out, reading books, putting my feet up. This was my kind of vacation.
It was a very enjoyable time, with art galleries galore. There was some very remarkable art that has inspired me to try more colorful designs. I want to do a painted canvas floor cloth for our sun room that will reflect some of the work I saw while on vacation.
There was a museum in town that had a lot of local history. This is a self-portrait of me and "tres amigos" above.
And now for the 100-year-old rubber tree (left) that inspired part of my story about Elida, the ghost woman who drowned. (No comments on my story - last post. Perhaps it was too strange, or too shocking.) What are imaginations for, anywho?
I leave you tonight with sunburned arms (I'm sure) and a slight backache that's slowly going away. I hope you have great vacation plans for this summer. I'll most likely be working away saving up hours and dollars for my next one. - femminismo


Anonymous said...

Jeanne, you won my blog give away. I don't have your email address. Please drop me a note so I can get you your charm. If you're going to the creative circle this month, I can bring it to you then. Or I can drop it in the mail. Let me know your preference.


Candace said...

WONDERFUL rubber tree and I love love love the three skulls! Probably because you are in the shot as well. In life we are in death -- and vice versa!