Monday, April 28, 2008

My New Age and other Earth Shaking Events.

I'VE been my "new age" for two whole days now and I don't feel very different. Actually, I think turning 13 and 16 were about it for me. They marked "being a teen" and "being able to drive" - whole new worlds opened up.
Age really is mind over matter and, although I'm not telling you how old I am, I really do feel a little more together ... even as my body's falling apart!
During the Oregon Press Women's conference on Saturday I left behind a jacket. Fortunately, Katherine K. recognized it was mine. Tonight we got together over some Thai appetizers and a drink and she returned my jacket. Fun to chat with her. I believe I've made a new friend, so I guess there's a reason I left something for her to return. She belongs to OPW and I am going to join. The group encourages members to meet informally - in between the two yearly conferences - to share ideas and talk. Tonight, Katherine was able to give me some advice on some personal writing I am doing. All input is appreciated!
I always feel I should post a photo now when I put down my 2 cents for the day, and today I was thinking about a photo that I took when I was on vacation in Mexico. If I could only remember what the photo was???? Hmmm. Note to self: Memory falling apart too.
Ah! I remember. Here is a photo of the covered waiting area along the MAX transit line. It wasn't taken in Mexico; it was taken in Portland. Don't you love the etching on the glass? I want to turn this into a stamp. Where are my carving tools? Try it yourself and let me know what results you get. - femminismo p.s. Upper left hand corner for latest visitor count. No. 2,000 wins art work.

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