Sunday, April 13, 2008

Walk In The Woods.

ANOTHER great day in the Northwest so the Mister and I decided to check out a little piece of woodland property we have and see what's going on in the springtime forest and which path the creek has taken over the winter.
I made the dumb mistake of wearing capri pants. I know better. I grew up in the woods. It seemed my ankles caught every blackberry vine along the deer trails. And one shin is still tingling from a brush with nettles. Ow, ow, ow!
But we saw so much beauty. Here are some photos of our visit to the woods so you can be a second-hand traveler.
There were yellow johnny jump-ups throughout the woods, pushing their way through the decayed leaves on the forest floor. A flash out of the corner of my eye turned out to be a frog fleeing for its life. It nestled down into a depression in the soft loamy soil and I guess it thought it was "blending." I'll have to look it up to find out what kind of frog it is.

We came to the narrowest part of the stream and jumped over. The Mister jumped first and then found some large rocks to put in the stream to make the leap a little shorter for me. After that we had to walk along this log laden with fungi. (I think that's what it is.) My balance is very poor, due to an inner ear condition, but I had to stop and take this photo to show "I did it."
Then, on any walk in the woods, no matter how carefully you tread, there will always be casualties. This fern frond caught my eye. Either the Mister or I knocked it off and ended its journey toward the sun - and maturity.
We checked the spring at the top of the hill and found these lovely skunk cabbage just beginning to bloom.
It was a great day for walking in the woods. Most of the trees are just beginning to "green" at the very tips - oh, and we found trilliums, too. I almost forgot about that. No ladyslippers - my mother used to ask us to look for those flowers and bring one back so she could plant it - but lots of wild bleeding hearts. I picked just one, and the flowers smell like freshly made flour tortillas! Surprising odor.
I have to include the photo of the trilliums, since I was looking so hard for them. Suddenly we found ourselves on what I now call "Trillium Hill." They were all around us. And I didn't pick one of them. They are much too fragile - few and far between.
I hope you connect with nature soon, too, and that it's finally spring wherever you are. La Nina is expected to give Oregon a cooler spring and warmer, drier summer. We'll see about that.
Next week - art, I promise! - femminismo


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking us with you on your journey through the property. The pictures are beautiful.

katie said...

beautiful walk through your woods, thank you. many of the same plants are in our woods - no trilliums spotted yet and i think our skunk cabbage is a little behind you all in the south. i do love the pacific northwest in the spring!

thanks for the comment on my blog - oh yes, i remember you, even where you sat while you were working and for lunch. but i wouldn't have remembered your name, go figure :-)

happy spring!

John Fenimore said...

I enjoyed the walk in your woods! I could almost smell the skunk cabbage. It looks like such a nice serene place.

You know our Mom used to dress us in pants we called "clam diggers". They call them "capri" pants now. Thank goodness "clam diggers" are no longer in style for us guys!

Take care and blog more. I want to be number 2000!!!

Cousin John

Candace said...

Great photos. I draw ferns (spirals, in general) all the time and have since I got back into art some years ago.

Thanks for sharing!