Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Blog!

YES, it's my birthday today. A noteworthy one, too. Where have the years gone?
I waited until bedtime to tell all of my faithful readers, since I didn't want anyone breaking a leg to run out and send flowers or deliver a pizza.
The morning started out with the Mister fixing me breakfast. Deelicious mango and a whole grain tortilla with egg, beans and cheese. The chipotle sauce was my idea.
Then he went off and worked in the woods so I could have some time alone to putter with my art and do whatever I wanted for my birthday.
It was a nice sunny day so I cleaned out the sun room and worked out there in the warmth. I painted one of my art journal covers and bound the November 2007 journal. Good to have that finished. It's the last one without a cover. Now I can put a couple finishing touches on the others and I'll post a photo of them all together. A whole year!
Here is one more photo of a close up of the tree peonies which are finally putting on their show. The cooler weather has been keeping them closed up tight, but that will end soon and then they'll drop their silken petals on the ground - once more. Enjoy them while they're here.
The years go around so quickly and this blog has given me the opportunity to note a lot of the things I enjoy and look forward to. I started it about a year ago, and even though my enthusiasm has flagged occasionally, I think it's one of the better things I've done for my mental health. It's encouraged me to be creative and forced me to keep up with technology. Both good things. Cheers if it's your birthday today! The newspaper said if today's your birthday what you want seems highly important to you but might not be so important to others. (What a revelation!) Nighty night - femminismo


Ro Bruhn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope you had a great day, it's nice to sit back and contemplate. I hope we get to see your journal. It's lovely to see how others create.

Anonymous said...

You know I'm bad about remembering those things!
I still miss you!