Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dinner in the Summertime ...

THANK you, Sylvia!
Our refrigerator has not been working and the repairman finally got by today to take a look-see. Needs a fan, it turns out, which may be available next week!!
It was very warm today. We thought about going out to eat but we were too tired and lazy.
We have a tiny little shop refrigerator* and it didn't have much in it. Thanks to neighbor Sylvia for the golden raspberries that added a lot to our cantaloupe and grilled hamburgers.
There was a nice breeze out and now it's cooled off some more. The things we take for granted, like refrigerators and clean running water ... we are so lucky! Generous neighbors are hard to find too.
I hope you are well fed tonight and shared a meal with a friend or loved one. Life is good - femminismo
*Usually lives in the shop and holds beer and pop - you probably have one yourself.

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Candace said...

Jeanne, that looks DEE-LISH! I don't think I've ever seen, let alone eaten, golden raspberries. Hope the fridge is okay soon.