Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Day Later ...

GOT TO catch up. Just got to! Let's see ... where was I? Telling you about our trip to Ellensburg, of course. I wanted to show you this first picture to make you dizzy. It makes me dizzy. The Mister took it while we were going over the Columbia River. (We're sort of mixing up the photo pics here.)
I took a picture of my favorite band, Hot Club Sandwich, but because I'm shy (there are those who would dispute this) I didn't want to get up in front of the crowd and snap away.
I did get this picture of "Neon Blond" Ellen Whyte. She is a bundle of jazzy energy with a great voice. She performed Friday evening, after we had dinner. We also saw Kolvane and the Rose City Kings who played blues.
Then we went to Judy's house where she fixed the 11 p.m. french toast for the next morning. Got up next day, Saturday, to the great breakfast, drove to town and walked around, listened to Greta Matassa (great singer) Little Bill & the Bluenotes (wow!) and Hot Club Sandwich - and then had a sandwich, dessert (the intravenous chocolate) and listened to more music. We got home at 1 a.m.
It was so nice at the log cabin all we wanted to do was sleep in the sun. We ended up taking a walk around their property and listening to the wind in the pine trees. Oh, so restful.
Looking down on another piece of property the view of their pond and the mountains were awesome. No wonder - even with the wind - they like Ellensburg.
Here is their "cabin" in the woods. It's not much, but they call it home.
Then, because I twisted her arm, Judy let me take her picture in her "Audrey Hepburn coat" from Santa Monica. One of those things she tried on, didn't buy and then had to have. After a conversation with the store owner it's now hers. I swear it was made for her. She and I both have outfits - special ones - and no place to wear them. Maybe one day we'll go to the opera together. Here's Audrey!
The Mister and I reluctantly headed home, with me requesting one stop at an old service station we had seen coming into town on Umtanum Canyon Road.
As I snapped away - digitally - the Mister said, "What do you think? Could we fix it up?"
Oh, wouldn't I like to! You would need more money than sense, however, and lots and lots of energy.
Here's the river down the canyon. Very pretty and lots of rubber rafts floating down the creek that day.
Then before we knew it (well, our numb butts could have told us how long we drove) we could see Mt. Hood in the distance. Back in Oregon and headed for our own little home and the chores we'd left waiting for us. We had fun, though, and we're eager to do it all again next year.
If you're still with me, thanks for staying 'til the end - femminismo

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