Friday, July 25, 2008

Off On A Short Trip - But Not To The Drive-in.

REMEMBER those drive-in movies with the speakers you put on the window's edge? The incredibly bad food (bad as in chock full of cholesterol)? The giggling? The gawking at who's with who? The summer nights of romance and sometimes bad choices?
The car full of small kids with the hassled couple in the front? (That would be my parents.)
I never saw this Robert Mitchum (ooh la la!) movie - to my knowledge - but it caught my eye. I love his nose and chin. He always looked like the bad boy, for sure!
The Mister and I are off on a short road trip today. We're going to Ellensburg, Wash., to participate in Jazz in the Valley, a series of concerts throughout town.
We'll also get pampered by my sister - with food, food and more food.
Road trip, road trip. Five hour drive!
We'll be safe and you do the same - femminismo
p.s. We'll see one of my favorite bands - Hot Club Sandwich. Check out their site.


Southern Girl said...

Have a great time, and enjoy the music! (:

Candace said...

Yes, I am playing catchup on the blogs tonight, can you tell?

HA... wow, that shot of Mitchum. Hooboy!

I love how the blogs we all have have totally opened up the world of art, music, and humans being human to so many of us.

I know you had a great time, as I am already there and back again on your other posts. Your sister looks so sweet and wow, the food! Always welcomed, at any time.