Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This Should Be The Way It's Done.

GOT this "sticker" from Candace and it fits the project I have in mind. There are millions of solutions in the world, and war shouldn't even be on the list. Oops! More later when I get back from volunteering at Valley Art Gallery.
Well, I'm back. Didn't even miss me, did you? It was First Wednesday Downtown and the Farmers Market was set up with lots and lots of vendors. Our gallery also had an artist's reception for Sue Orlaske and Ginger Steele. The first is a wonderful painter; the second, a potter. I'm sure, however, they both do other artwork also.
I made fake shortcake with purchased bulk almond cookies, Cool Whip on top and blueberries with strawberry glaze (purchased). Red, white and blue treat for Fourth of July. Easy and cool. Put some lavender I snipped from the garden around the plate and it almost looked gourmet. (No picture. I wasn't thinking, I guess.)
That was a lovely comment from Alicia further down the imaginary "page." It was about advice you'd give to someone younger than you on how to be happy, fulfilled, etc. I've got to agree with her father's advice of money giving you freedom. Enough, but not a lot. I wouldn't want my relatives hinting around to find out if they're in my will and always inquiring about my health in a negative way: "Gosh, you look tired. Are you all right?"
Anyway, thanks Candace and Alicia. I love folks who comment when they stop by. Hint, hint. (I'd like to get to know my visitors.)
On a different note: I haven't picked up filthy trash in the streets lately (I went through a phase of doing this), but today I found something I couldn't resist. It was when I left the art gallery and found this on the street. I've circled what caught my eye. I think it will look good in one of my art journals and remind me what I've signed on for.
Our refrigerator is on the fritz and I stopped on the way home to pick up two blocks of ice for the cooler that's holding our food. While in line I struck up a conversation with a very fun woman. She admired my earrings and we talked about the clerk up ahead and whether he was in training or not, then she showed me the vanilla she had a question about. (The small one cost more than the big one.) She had butter and vanilla - and lots of other groceries - so I said, "You must be making cookies or a cake."
"No," she said. "I put the vanilla in my pancake and waffle mix."
I'm guessing the butter (real butter) goes on the pancakes. Double yum!
I want to know this woman better, but we didn't exchange any vital information about addresses or phone numbers. Shucks! But this Fourth of July, when we go camping again, we will definitely be making pancakes and I'll bring along the vanilla.
So today I had a great conversation in the grocery line, a man I didn't know helped me by quickly picking up a bag of ice for me that fell from the freezer, I saw an almost brand new baby - Jasper - I'll show you a picture here, and I saw lots of people I know and like, and I got my rented DVD back to the store on time. (I watched "The Orphanage" or "El Orphanato," directed by Juan Antonio Bayona and "presented" by Guillermo del Toro. Has overtones of "Pan's Labyrinth." Intense and moving. I watched it a-l-o-n-e. You might not want to do this.)
I thought about my granddaughter today and laughed out loud. Last Sunday at my daughter's house, she ended up on the couch with me, her head in my lap as I played with her hair. It was about a Zillion Suns hot outside and I had on a short sleeved blouse and was talking away. Suddenly I felt Cassie's hand under my arm.
She was lifting the skin under my arm (commonly known as the "Grandma arm" section, since it's the part that waggles along with Grandma's hand as she waves goodbye to the family). She was lifting it and then watching it very intently as it immediately drooped back down as soon as she let go of it.
It was so funny. I told her someday when she was a grandma she would remember this and laugh too. I hope you saw friends today, met someone new or had a stranger do a favor. Let me know if you did - femminismo


Candace said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Jeanne. And didn't you find the ending of "The Orphanage" poignant as opposed to frightening? I loved the little blind girl... "It's Laura!"

I have sort of Grandma Arms too but no grandchildren (no kids, so that makes sense!). Mmm... the mystery begins!

Happy 3rd of July!

femminismo said...

I loved the end. It was perfect and, you're right, not frightening. Didn't it make you marvel - and wonder - at the depth of a mother's love? It made me wonder how far I would go as a mother to save my child. I should have put the screenwriter in too - Sergio G. Sánchez. Happy 3rd to you too! - Jeanne