Saturday, July 5, 2008

This Must Be Quick

WE are about to go camping, but I can not leave without posting pictures.
First, can you spot froggie? It's not too difficult, but I almost missed him sitting on a Joe Pye weed leaf.
Thought you'd catch him. I love the persistence of the bluebell that forced its way to the sun amidst this thick growth. It got a head start on Joe Pye and didn't lose any time before blooming.
The lamb's ears are at a good stage right now, with the little purple flowers looking fresh and perky.
I don't know the name of this rose. It was here when we bought the place. I adore the way the light shines through the petals. The little tiny specks are bugs that seem to mostly sit around until something bigger eats them (I hope).
We had a mystery lily come up. I wondered what it would look like. The pendulous flower had me wondering.
I didn't have to wonder for long. The next day (!) I came out - today - and there was the flower in full bloom.
Have you seen these before? There's a tiny wild variety - columbine? something like that - that I see very rarely nowadays.

One last photo of something I'm working on for Sylvia. Shh! Don't tell her, OK? She has been so good about sharing her chicken's eggs and her strawberries - femminismo

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Candace said...

Jeanne, what a wonderful post. Enjoy the commentary with the nature photos (hello Frog!) and the illoed Lady is most intriguing. Sort of a very direct gaze which is the main thing. Mona Lisa Revisited. Those blue eyes, very striking!