Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Project Updates ... Breaking News.

COLOR! Ooh la la! Color!
Even when I'm not bold enough to dress in it myself, I'll put it on paper ... or glass.
Here is the update on my Window Lady.
I think she's done. There's a touch of the 60s about here, what with the flowers in her hair.
Shellac ... varnish ... some sort of preservative must go over her, since I plan to hang her outside in the garden. Candace suggested two coats of whatever I do. JoAnn said try it on something else first, just in case. I think I will do that.
The local PBS affiliate in Oregon has a show called Oregon Art Beat and I was surprised to learn that a local artist, Gregory Grenon, also paints women's portraits on glass. I'm going to watch the show this Thursday and hopefully pick up some pointers. His women aren't in the same style as mine. His are very fierce looking - most anyway.
I have also, sort of, finished the Lady Picture for Sylvia. Here it is. I'm not happy with the nose, but then I'm never happy - entirely - with what I turn out, so what else is new.

I've also been playing with the paper bag book that I'm working on. Yesterday and today I got a few pages painted. As you can see, the plain brown paper is no more on four of these sheets. I like the crinkled paper texture and plan to do stamping on them and other work to "mess" them up a bit more. I am thinking of using this book to do a "Tribute to My Father" book.
Now, after saying that, I'm not sure if I shouldn't have left them plain brown paper - since he was a real "guy" kind of guy. Not a pink, orange or glitter sort of fellow.
I may have to rethink this approach. I don't have all the plain brown paper painted yet, so I won't have to undo a lot of it. Hmmm. Rough and tough, smoked Camels, fought in the war, worked the land on a tractor, milked cows, fixed cars.
This may turn out to be a different sort of book altogether. I'll have to change my palette, me thinks - femminismo


Candace said...

Jeanne, thanks for the link to my blog, how kind of you.

Say this is really interesting about the "plain guy" book -- well, I think of deep reds and browns and greens when I think of plain guys. A sort of old woods and farms palette. Tractor and landscape colours; cigarette box colours. Wingtips, deep oxblood and navys and robins egg blue, camo, taupes... LOL!

Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

Jeanne-Girl!! I absolutely love the window lady!! See??? I told you the green eyes would be perfect. Keep up the good work!!

Love, Ms. Murphy

Anonymous said...

Your window lady is wonderful. What a nice idea!
Regards, Don

Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

Oops sorry about the deleted post. That would be because one should always preview their comment before posting. Anyways....All of your ideas are just amazing. I wish I was so brave as to try new things like all of this...the book...the glass...just amazing. The paper bag book is a great idea. Even though I didn't know your dad...from what I've heard...the sparkles might not fit him, hehehe, maybe you need some camo/farm/tire track pages. I can't wait to see what you come up with. :)