Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hot, Hot Weekend in Oregon.

YES, it's finally been warm again. Another two days in the 90s or high 80s, anyway. But enough about the weather. Let me tell you what I've been doing, which is why this blog is here.
I'll catch you up on breakfast, Friday, which was a summer meal so gorgeous I had to take a picture. I seem to photograph my food on a regular basis. That might be good for a food or diet blog ... . I will try and resist the urge if it hits again. Promise.
Saturday the Mister worked on a small trailer to haul things around. Hot work, but he was able to stay in the shade most of the day. He's putting sides on the trailer.
Meanwhile, I finally took a look at the curtains in our small travel trailer, which spent much of its youth in New Mexico. In its middle age, it sat at a home near ours until - finally - someone put a "for sale" sign in its window. The Mister drove by and saw an opportunity and so we are now reaping the trailer's senior years. Well, it needed new curtains ... among other things.
This is the before shot - curtains over the small sink. They have truly seen better days, haven't they?
I found some material I had bought a couple (or maybe five) years ago. Imagine that! A pack rat like me having such a large piece of this material that I could make curtains and still have enough left for napkins or a tablecloth.
Well, here are the new curtains, already blowing in the breeze over the trailer sink. Adorable, with flowers, dragonflies, tulips, etc. Lots of "nature," which we love.
The clematis and daisies below have arranged a nice marriage, haven't they? I like this photo. The hot sun didn't discourage them a bit today.
I worked on my Window Lady today. I don't have a photo, but will soon.
No camping this weekend, but I can't say we rested either. Have a good Monday - femminismo


Ann said...

Wow, all that work paid off. Very nice indeed and what a great opportunity that was. I hope the marriage between the flowers lasts!

I find reading about other artists' daily lives actually helps form a feeling of commonality or community (this is just me) so don't apologize when the mood hits to snapshot food or such. We all do it, I think. Ha!

Have a good week,

Candace said...

Uh oh, Sorry, Jeanne. That's an old addy of a friend's that I sent my comment from. Ignore it... that's what I get for sharing a computer. Candace

femminismo said...

That's OK. It's like having a new person commenting - and that's not a bad thing. Did you see the food Judy Wise had? My gosh, does that husband of hers know how to raise veggies or what? Lucky girl!