Thursday, July 31, 2008

Journal for Daddy.

I've added a slide show of the papers made from grocery bags that I'm going to use to make a journal of thoughts and photos of my dad. (Picasa album at left - click on it to see the paper.)
As usual, I was too hard on myself about the coloring I did on the paper. They turned out pretty cool after they dried. I didn't like the silly trees I ended up painting on one page, but then I thought they might make a perfect cover - the trees might symbolize the new landscape he discovered in Oregon, coming here from dry, dusty Texas.
The blue block I was stamping and swirling the paint on with turned out to be lovely toward the end. I might want to frame it - femminismo

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Candace said...

Wow, I sure enjoyed catching up with you. What a great trip and adventure you and Mister seem to have had. Love the bag/Daddy Journal, too Jeanne. Makes me think of a Chuhuly painting series I saw in Las Vegas once...

Great fotos!