Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Much To Tell ... So Much To Show.

I HAVE lots and lots of pictures from my trip to Ellensburg. You've seen the one photo shot in the dark while the jazz band played - down below in the last post. We also got to see some of the town, have breakfast made by my sister, Judy, who's a registered dietician - but don't worry: She will let you "sin" occasionally.
Here she is making us french toast at 11 p.m. What a trouper! Caramel sauce on the bottom, fresh peaches next, thick sliced french bread and then eggs, milk and flavoring mixed together and poured over the top. Refrigerate all night and she cooked it next morning. What a smell to get a person out of bed!
There were six hummingbirds at a time buzzing around the feeder outside the dining room window and four baby birds waiting for Mama.
One more picture and then it's time for bed. Gotta' go to work tomorrow!
See what I mean about letting a person sin? We had this luscious chocolate cake (divided between Judy, the Mister and me) after a good lunch and a walk around town. Three forks and three cups of coffee finished it off in pretty good time.
More tomorrow in the Ellensburg installment - femminismo

p.s. The labels below for this post are in no way suggested as ingredients for a meal!

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