Saturday, August 16, 2008

If You Don't Laugh at Mrs. G's Comments I Will Worry About You.

YES, it's true. If you go to Mrs. G's blogspot (Derfwad Manor) and don't find something to laugh at - or something you identify with - I will truly be worried. (Note to Mrs. G: I know your photo is copyrighted and I stole it from your site but at your request I will gladly take it off.)
I laughed my way through her post before she left for New York City and then throughout her trip to same. The repartee between the Mr. and Mrs. was funny and real. And, oh, my gosh! I thought I posted a lot of food pictures, but apparently - even though it's not a cooking/baking blog - I'm running way behind Mrs. G.
Check out her "retirement plan" on the right hand side of the blog. Womens Colony, heaven - call it what you will. What a time I had laughing my way through that! Go there right away. Do it! Err ... unless you are male and easily take offense at - well, almost anything men do that irritate women.

TICK TOCK ... It's later in the day now - nearly 9:30 p.m. The Mister and I went up on the property for a while. It was slow going on the drive up there, with Hwy. 26 clogged with everyone and their second cousin headed west - as far as you can go - to the Oregon coast. The temps there promised to be at least 20 degrees cooler, but for some it was a long, slow trip.
On the property, the Mister sprayed some weeds on the road and worked in the creek (rearranging the rocks - I'm not kidding). I read the newspaper - even the business section (the dollar is getting stronger!) - and nosed around with my camera, seeing what I could find on one of the hottest days of August.
I couldn't understand why I found so many frogs on dry land. They were on the paths in the woods, in the gravel, under piles of dry sticks. Why weren't they in the creek? Why wasn't I in the creek?
There were no blackberries. The wild ones have been gone for a while and the Chehalems haven't ripened yet. I tried to get a photo of the red berries on top of the Devil's Club plant, but in shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt going through the nettles wasn't an option.

So I found red berries on the False Solomon's Seal. I didn't know it had berries, but I've been paying a lot of attention to the native plants and I've enjoyed seeing them in each stage of their life.
The Mister and I decided we enjoy doing things like this. For lunch we had hot dogs roasted with a propane torch (fires haven't been allowed in the woods for a couple of months now) wrapped in a slice of bread, with plenty of brown mustard, and honeydew melon, very ripe, for dessert.
It was a good day even though it was HOT!
I hope you were cool today. Maybe you were drinking a vodka and peach Fresca, like the Southern Girl - femminismo


Southern Girl said...

Hey, femminismo...for the record, I've seen an awful lot of frogs and toads around here lately, as well! (: I also remember when I lived up in Washington, and my mother and I would go out and pick wild blackberries. She would come home and make homemade jelly and syrup with them. What a sweet memory! (: I still pine for that syrup over vanilla ice cream. Thanks for reminding me of it!

femminismo said...

It's time for both of us to undertake a story about frogs or toads. Some summertime reading for our "fans." We know they're out there. We just need to believe. : )

Candace said...

What an excellent post and I love the picture of Toad -- er, uhm, FROG. And Mrs. G was exactly what I needed. Thanks for that, Jeanne!

Have a most excellent week.

Jamie said...

I love that post, too. Well looky here - I'm in the company of my two Georgia girl bloggers. It's that tangled world wide web thing. :-)

Mmmm, propaned hot dogs - that cracked me up!

About the frogs - I've been seeing t-tiny ones and I always heard that if there are frogs then there are snakes close by.

Jamie said...

Thank you for the reminder to read Derfwad Manor. She definitely makes me laugh!

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