Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One *Hot* Day At A Time.

TODAY, while looking for something - I forget what - I found something else. This is what I found! A wonderfully classy photo of the Mister and me, living a parallel life in another dimension and time. Doesn't he look dapper in that hat? And I've got a faithful dog to serve me and bring the paper in.
I love old photographs and could look through albums all day long, even if I don't know anyone in them. I certainly don't know these people, but I'll bet Judy Wise could do something wonderful with them. She lost family photos in a fire, I believe, and has been asking others to send her copies of their old family photos. Judy! Oh, yoo hoo, Judy! You can use this great couple. Somehow I feature them as Eunice and Bud. The dog's name is Chowderhead. (Don't know where that came from! Scary. I think Bud named him.)
Eunice is pretty daring, with her slacks/pedal pushers. Maybe Bud just got home from work and someone had a camera with a couple of exposures left.
Well, speaking of Chowderhead, I've been experiencing the dog days of summer. Tired, lazy, bored, a little depressed with not being able to just play in the sprinkler and paint and mess about. Too many duties call us into action - constantly, it seems. I just want to PLAY!
Today the Mister and I came home to a huge fallen tree limb on the fir tree in the back yard. I walked past and didn't even see it. When it's 97 degrees out, all I want is the cool inside of the house.
The Mister saw it however, and formed a plan of action: He chained the tree limb to his truck and pulled it down, then got busy with his chain saw. We lost part of a butterfly bush - no big loss - and fortunately the chain fence is strong. It looked as if the fir tree exploded. I guess the weight of the limb was just too much.
So there we were, not relaxing in the cool house. We're hauling branches to the chipper. They'll get processed another day. Then I started the barbecue and made rice salad and washed the breakfast dishes and had a mini tantrum. (Note: You do not have to be 2 years old to have these.) Since I was alone in the house I could yell whatever I wanted and it was mainly that I don't want to do anything I don't want to DO! I only want to do what I want to DO! Does that make sense?
Well, it helped a little to yell. The burgers turned out OK, the brown rice salad had grapes, orange sections, basil, green onion and spicy Thai peanut sauce, and we had a green salad with a little dill in it. Yummy! Then I thought I better say hello to the blog world. It gets boring to find blogs several days old. Here's one last photo I took as we came home from the property on Sunday. We're out in the country where farming still happens. The hay's been cut once in the fields and this wheat looks close to harvesting - femminismo
p.s. Question: Does my blog "load" faster for you? I've cut down on the number of posts per "page." Just curious. Let me know; comment if you will.


Nikki said...

Hi there. Your blog always loads really fast for me. And...as far as the tantrum...lol..."just wanting to do what you want to do" well...I thought I was the only one who threw that tantrum. I'm feeling better about the fact that I'm not alone. It always feels like when I have a day off...I have a million things that I should do...so that is what I end up doing ...whether it be taking stuff to the goodwill, cleaning out the garage, doing yard work, or cleaning bathrooms. I so want to take a day and just scrapbook...or do some crafty thing. Maybe I'll just throw a tantrum and then do exactly what I want to do....then I will have thrown the tantrum and gotten what I want. hehehe
Hope you have a really great day and that you get to do something that you WANT to. :)

Dawn said...

I'll join you in the tantrum. I'm tired of working and I just want to play! It is summer after all, I want to get paint and ink all over my hands, wash them off with the hose and then eat ice cream.

Love the old photo, I have boxes of old family photos and no idea of who they are. I keep coming across them and just don't have the heart to get rid of them or pass them by. I enjoy looking at the clothing, hair styles, landscapes and backgrounds and imagining the lives of these strangers.

Enjoy the day and do something fun!

Judy Wise said...

hee hee. I've snatched Eunice and Bud off your site -- thank you very much! xo

Candace said...

What a great great photo. Eunice. That suits her to a t.
And Bud, he's always got your back since Chowderhead's got his! Don't say dog days to anyone south of the Mason Dixon line... over 100 a couple of days this week. Whew... even the *dogs* are over it.

Big Hug,