Saturday, August 9, 2008

Who's Watching Your Back?

I have to say, backing up my blog to my computer's hard drive has made me feel more secure that my daily and/or weekly entries will not disappear forever if the Internet should suddenly cease to exist.
(Go into blogger draft format first and then, in "settings," "basic," "blog tools" find "export blog" and save the file to your hard drive. All comments are saved too.) However, be sure to back up your hard drive also, on an external hard drive.
Heaven forbid that someday I would sit down at the computer and find myself "speechless." I sometimes use my blog as a tool to figure out what day something happened. So it only seemed sensible to back up my memories. These are the only one that I can back up. I'm still waiting for the external hard drive for my brain to come along.
Yesterday was a pretty decent day. I put in my hours at work, polished up some writing on an article about my sister (one of them), had lunch with friends at a Japanese restaurant (salmon with the "house" teriyake sauce, fish broth, rice, salad) then later in the evening, attended McMenamins' Grand Lodge Americana Music Festival in Forest Grove with the Mister and another couple we have been friends with for a long time. It was cool out, but dancing on the grass helped warm us up. The Freak Mountain Ramblers were playing and they are talented on many instruments, including the voice.
Saxophone, many, many different guitars - the clouds rolled by, the new moon hung in the southern sky and we enjoyed ourselves.
Half a Captain Neon burger and some Terminator beer (above) didn't hurt the evening either. What would life be without music, friends and food? Not as good, definitely - femminismo

p.s. We left to go to the local Saturday farmers market and took a tour of the new theater, bought green beans, got some breakfast and took this picture of a lovely young girl. She works in her family's flower booth.

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Candace said...

Jeanne, what a gorgeous time you've had of it. That little girl is just a doll... and those flowers! Really enjoyed reading about the festivals, too. Wow. The photos just pop off the page...

I see you visited cynhammond's site.
That's my sister. I love her and my brother very much.... they are older than me by quite a few years -- she likes to say she raised me. LOL.

Have a good one and thanks for sharing these wonderful times.