Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

I DO FIND drawing ladies to be relaxing. These two appeared from blobs of red, blue and white paint smooshed together between two pages of the book I am altering. The paint sat there and like clouds in the sky the shapes revealed themselves.
The one lady, I do believe, is pregnant ... in about her fifth month. Or whatever trimester. Pregnancy in my day was measured in months; nowadays everything is much more technical and 3-D ultrasounds can almost show the dimples in the babies' butts.
As usual, you can see the detailed journal entries of my days: "heat wave breaks," "vino with dinner." (Yawn. Pardon me; I bore myself!) But the one large word, "frustration," is what I was feeling that day. That's how I feel when I do things like cook, clean house, watch television. I'm not doing what I really love to do ... and that is messing around with paint, stamps and other goopy things that ruin my clothes and stain my fingers.
In my real life job, I heavily edit funeral home and family-written obituaries for a twice-weekly newspaper. Sometimes the family sends a photo of an elderly relative in their younger days. I love these. I don't know what kind of fine or time in jail I could get (maybe just fired) by using these photos. Please don't tell anyone. But I had to save this young woman. She lived a good long life, but I'd like to immortalize her here and in my altered journal. I'll name her "Rose." I put several coats of matte gel over her Xeroxed photo and then dunked her in water and rubbed off the paper. I happened to find the music to "Simple Gifts."
'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free - it seemed to suit Rose the best and I glued it on the page first and then fixed her picture over it. Because of the matte gel and rubbing off the paper backing, you can see the words through her face.
Better get to doing something else. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I'm so wordy - femminismo


Bronwyn said...

The painted ladies are lovely, I also like the bright contrasting colours

Candace said...

I have a mission to save folks from obscurity as well, mostly relatives in much much younger days. I have one of my parents, very young, newly engaged, I think, who look like they just stepped out of the Dust'll see it later.

Those LADIES are lovely. I so enjoy your blog, Jeanne. You know no boundary when it comes to the journeys your art takes you on. Bravissima!