Friday, August 22, 2008

Steak Dinner Around the Campfire.

TONIGHT the Mister and I drove up to the property for dinner. August is getting on and the days have been getting shorter since June 22. The sun hadn't set by 6:30 p.m., when we drove down the road, but the tall trees made it pretty shady. It was much darker down along the creek and our recent rains had dampened up the ground quite a bit.
We had planned to go camping tomorrow, spend the night and come home Sunday afternoon. Now there is rain in the forecast for Sunday. Will we wake up in camp to showers? Sheesh! It's August for crying out loud!
Anyway, we started a fire, got good coals going and cooked a couple of steaks with big slices of Walla Walla onions on top. Very, very good. Also had a green salad. Since we weren't staying overnight I packed real dishes, forks and steak knives. It was dark by the time we ate and the stars had come out. The campfire felt very good.
Now we are back home (sleepy but blogging) and still planning to get things together so we can go up camping tomorrow. The Mister has set up a table there again so I can do some altered book painting and journaling. I wrote in my book tonight as I sat around the campfire waiting for dinner.
He has also fixed up an older model Honda Aero motorbike (small engine; I forget how many cc's) that he's going to teach me to ride. By myself. Just me. Me turning the throttle and grabbing at the brakes on the handles. I think we should take a first aid kit with us tomorrow ... just in case. Better safe than sorry - and all those other overused idioms, too. Like, there's no fool like an old fool? Yeah, like that one - femminismo
p.s. I have an August 15th moon to show you. (I changed the size of the photo: This is per the agreements of my new upfront honesty policy.)

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Candace said...

Listen, dear girl, I learned to ride a motorbike at the grand age of 50. I have a sweet little red and black Italian Madami Puma, 49ccs. It's in the shop right now, but boy, do I love her. I call her "Red".

First trip out, I spun out into a tree (I was in a field) and got a nice little hairline scar on my arm. Got my spinout over with straightaway and then up and at 'em! On a road. It was perfect and I've not looked back.

You go, femminismo! You can do it!