Sunday, August 31, 2008

Historic Moments and Just Plain Fun.

ANOTHER historic moment in U.S. history, made while you were here. We have certainly seen our share in the last 50 years. Some of it horrific and some of it inspiring. Proud to see another woman selected as vice president. Can a "Madam President" be far away? Perhaps one day. Maybe my granddaughter!
It's been a day of off and on weather here in Oregon. There is talk by the Mister of having a fire in the fireplace. Maybe this evening. Yesterday we worked in the yard and then both did our own things. Here is one thing we did together. We did some swing dancing when I went to the garage to ask him a question. He had the radio on really, really, really loud. KMHD; the good stuff. The music was infectious. We did pretty darn good. It felt like we could dance up the walls of the garage like Gene Kelly.
Since I was dancing a jitterbug, I could not also take a picture. Here's the next best thing: My recollection in a drawing in my journal.
simply must tell you, also, that every time I think it's too much of an indulgence to subscribe to The New Yorker, one comes in the mail and I'm blown away. I started reading this story - by Janet Frame, the New Zealand writer - and could not stop. The story, "Gorse is Not People," was found among her papers after her death in 2004. Find it at your library, buy your own copy, visit the doctor's waiting room - but not because you need to.
Just read the magazine and this magnificent story. (Jane Campion based her film "An Angel at My Table" on Frame's autobiographies.) Now I want to read more of her work. (Found The NewYorker link to Frame's story.)
The photograph by Michal Chelbin, "The Chapels, Untitled 01," (2002-03) certainly didn't hurt. It made me pause in the magazine and begin reading the story. I always wonder how these marvelous hook-ups between illustration and story happen. Was the photo commissioned? Did the magazine editors just google "dwarves"? Not for me to know, I guess, but it was a magnificent choice.
We went to see (finally) "The Dark Knight" last night. A very long movie. Very dark. Some have said great. I say too long. The Mister fell asleep once. I must wonder if Rachel is really dead???? Won't Maggie Gyllenhaal get the chance to reunite with Master Wayne?
Now onto what I have to do today, besides
contribute something to the blog world. I have a "dead" bottle of gesso and another of matte gel medium. So it's off to the craft store for me. And someone in our house absolutely needs to go grocery shopping. It cannot be put off any longer.
I'll let you talk amongst yourselves while I go off to find some of these very necessary supplies.
The blogger, "Urbandon," got my curiosity piqued by scanning slides. Didn't work for me but I hope to learn more about it - femminismo

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Candace said...

Hi Jeanne. Busy bee over there. Like you, tons of fun going on but like you, I *have* to figure out how to do that Urbandon slide deal. LOL. Really enjoyed that quick sketch of dancing to crazy music! Poor old gesso... speaking of which, I hope mine is holding out as I totally need him this week.
Best of everything,