Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Remember Me.

MY COUSIN, John, in Canada e-mailed me this morning. It was good to hear from him. He told me he had recently been inspired to write a poem entitled "Remember Me." There is no way he could have known that I had found the picture you see here only a few days before. This is my Uncle Frank holding John, who's at the left. The other boy is my cousin, Sammy (it looks like he's keeping one eyes out for Santa).
My Uncle Frank, was the neatest guy I ever knew - next to my own father, of course.
John's birthday is today, so "Happy Birthday," dear cousin!


Whisper my name.
Say it soft and clear.
Remember me.
For I am still here.

Touch my hand.
Feel my firm grasp.
Remember me.
And my memory will last.

Embrace my heart.
Feel its warmth and beat.
Remember me.
‘Til next we meet.

Keep me in your thoughts.
As you go through your day.
Remember me.
I am here to stay.

Isn't that a great poem? I think we sometimes all feel those we have loved near us, watching over us, encouraging us, reminding us that in everything we do, everything we think, everything we hold dear, there's a little bit of them still with us
Thank you, John, for sending this and reminding me that wherever I go and whenever I might feel lonesome, I have only to remember all of the wonderful people I have been lucky enough to know - femminismo


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeanne for posting my poem on your blog. Let me set the record straight for your visitors who might read my poem; I am not a poet. Never been and never wanted to be. The phrase "whisper my name" came to me one night and kind of stuck there in my mind until I put it down on paper. Sounds weird, doesn't it? Anyway, I hope it brings meaning to those who read it.

-Cousin John from Canada

Candace said...

Oh most most excellent, esp considering the loss of my friend this year... and more losses we all must endure.
Those old b&w photos have a magic that all the colour in the world cannot conjure, don't they?
Thanks for sharing and happy day to Cousin John from Way Down South.


Candace said...

Hi again,
Okay, this link should take you to the ezine where one of my stories is or the link to the story itself. It's been a couple of years back.

I also did columns for a writing forum, called Cold Hard Facts. I am working on a SF/F series and also a standalone novel. I also write essays. And I read all the time! And work! And BLOG... whew. No wonder I have circles under my eyes. LOL.
Thanks for asking. Here's that answer...