Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lilies of the Field ... and Garden.

THESE lilies don't toil, but we surely do. The Mister and I have buzzed like bees all day long and it's hard to calm down now, at 8:30 p.m., and force myself to slow my mind and body. There is so much I want to do ... and so much we had to do earlier.
Tomorrow is another day, I know. It's just difficult to get everything done. Someday we will have all the time in the world to lay and do nothing, but this summer day we found plenty of something to occupy us.
I am posting flowers today since I want to remember the lilies of August. While working in the yard, the scent of the stargazer and calla lilies flowed through a section of the back yard and made every trip that way a pleasure - even though my knees were aching!
While I was googling sites for composting our fir tree's needles - don't know whether they would make good compost or not - I came on Blessed Gardens. The author of the site said in a section on lilies that the tiger lily is "powerful" and the orange color symbolizes power, too. Some people and pets are allergic to them, however. I didn't know that. Calla lilies symbolize "female magnificence" - I'd go along with that; they're pretty lush - and the pink lilies symbolize "female coquetry." Ooh la la!
These tiger lilies have company: shorter yellow daisies that come up in abundance.
I hope your day today has been a good one and that you got some ART accomplished in addition to any gardening chores you had. I had planned on doing art all day long, but that didn't happen. I painted a couple of pages in my journal and painted the cover for my Daddy Journal. I must find the "filling" for that book. I know what will go on one of the pages, and that's a reproduction of a love letter he sent my mother. A pretty innocent, but important letter: He told her he was coming home and asked if she was ready to get married! That will most assuredly have to go into the Daddy Journal - femminismo


Southern Girl said...

Tiger lilies have always seemed so exotic and otherworldly to me--they always inspire me and push me into a contemplative, quiet state of awe. They're definitely one of my favorites!

Candace said...

Oh my gosh, these lilies are totally surrealistic... I love day lilies. The tiger lily IS powerful. Well, all flowers to me are powerful... lol. Even if they are like Dorothy, "the Meek and the Small".
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Your Lilies are beautiful. You must have such a wonderful garden.

femminismo said...

Better garden next year, Don. I will separate some of those lily bulbs this Sept. and spread the wealth!