Friday, September 26, 2008

An Auspicious Day That Began Like Any Other.

LOTS of days start off in the usual, regular way. You open your eyes and sort of wonder where you are and what day it is. This morning I awoke - I was awake earlier at 4 a.m. and had fallen back asleep - and wasn't really ready to get up. That is usually the way with mornings. They come too dang early.
Then I remembered the tension-filled state of the world and the fact it is Friday again and the economic world was supposed to end last Monday (in my mind, that was a likelihood; it was nothing officially announced) and thought, "Oh, what the hey! Let's see if coffee doesn't make everything better."
Well, that and a hot shower sure did. Then I got to work and found that two people at our newspaper had lost their jobs. Uh, oh. Grim uncertainty again.
I even thought about the job I used to have before this one - the job working with secretive, manipulative liars. Hmm. Could I have stood that job until retirement? It was a pretty sure thing and at a good salary, too.
Nope, I thought. Decision made. Done deal. Not going back in time and driving myself nuts.
So it's onward and forward and hopefully upward. We're getting a taste of what our parents and grandparents dealt with and it might be a very, very good lesson.
I guess we'll see.
The sky picture above was what greeted me when I left the office building at 5 p.m. I do like looking up! The weekend weather in Oregon promises to be near 80 degrees. I could use some sun and warm weather.
This last picture is one from my journal. She just appeared from the paintbrush when it hit the page. Ready to go to a very nice party, she is.
And did you watch the debate? It's hard to understand why anyone would want to be president or hold any elected office sometimes, but thanks to those who go into it trying their best to solve our nation's problems - femminismo


Anonymous said...

Hey Grrl, I got here from Candace's page, and your name is familiar on my partner's blog too. I would say your writing style is very attractive and keeps my eye scrolling down the page, but you probably know that as it is your finely tuned craft. It is refreshing to read how things feel in the states at present from you.. that gut feeling. We get so much hype here that most reports are lack cred.

Candace said...

Hi there. Well, I adore the woman at the party. Is she a Republicrat or a Demipublican? She looks like she could handle tons of problems, actually, happily and most efficiently!
I say we put *her* in office. (And, can you see Russia from your house?)
Oh, I love the clouds!
Your Pal,