Sunday, September 7, 2008

There's a Soft, Warm Wind Today.

CAN there ever be too many of these soft, warm last-drop-of-summer days? I don't think so either. Here's today's temporary "water feature" in our front yard. The flagstones lead to the street and they look so pretty edged with these daisies. (I'm ignoring the dogwood to my left that is already turning color - just like EyeCandy's dogwood! What is up with these trees, anyway?)
I am painting, but it's not the sort of painting I envisioned when I left work on Friday. I was looking forward to gooping up some pages in my journal and celebrating with a stick of Uhu in one hand and a bit of ephemera in the other. However, autumn rains will be coming next month and there were areas of our house that needed "touching up." One area was the outside of the sunroom. Here you can see one side of it and if you notice the top beam you can see why it needs paint.
The Mister built the sunroom entirely from recycled glass and wood he already had. He is handy to have around. I love the sunroom. It adds so much more light and gives me a place to go warm up on cool days, since it's windproof and heated by sunshine. And the "touching up" actually consisted of painting all three sides of the building. Fortunately it's mostly glass so it only took half a day and my hands didn't turn into claws from gripping a paintbrush all afternoon.
I am very lucky to be able to still climb up and down a ladder and move my arms freely. I thank my lucky stars often for my health. (Knock on wood, because I'm very supersititious.)
And here he is - the Mister (ManCake for sure Mrs. G) - finishing up some higher places. We both have our aches and pains, but this weekend we were still part of the DIY generation. (do it yourself or dumb idiots yet - you choose)
Painting gives you a lot of time to think. Today my thoughts were monopolized by friends who live in Montana. I am thinking of J. & K. today, hoping they are doing well. I must call them. They are still living with dial-up and I'd hate to think how long this blog would take to emerge.
Hope my readers - who have now passed 3,000 - are all well today and for lots of tomorrows - femminismo
p.s. Ooh, ooh! EyeCandy Candace gave me a Javablu Award. I almost forgot to tell you. Next blog episode I will give you all the dish on it!


Candace said...

Those flowers are just it, for me! Beautiful and bountiful. What a gorgeous shot too of that studio. How fortunate you are to have that space -- and that Man Cake. Nothing like climbing up ladders together. (Recycled glass... excellent!)

Jenny Matteson said...

The sunroom looks awesome! Tell the Mister/G'mpa N. that he did a fantastic job. As Cassie used to say, G'mpa N can fix it!