Monday, September 1, 2008

Comments Encouraged Here ... So I Know I'm Not Talking To Myself!

AH! It's a lonely world out here in blogger land sometimes. Thank you, Candace, for your comments. I appreciate knowing you're there. I know others read too - they tell me when they see me, so thanks to them, too.
Today the Mister and I went to Art in the Pearl in the North Park Blocks of Portland. He wanted to drive in, although I thought it would be hard to find a place to park. He found a spot one block away from all the action. Why do I even doubt him? He always finds a parking spot. He was born under the right stars, I guess.
Immediately I was down on my hands and knees - not in praise of the Mister, but to take a picture of this horsey tied up to the curb (or kerb, if you are from Across the Pond). It's a Portland thing. I think the horses are in a few places throughout town. And I ruined my pedicure, scraping my toenails on the pavement - but, oh well. We'll sacrifice all for the sake of art, won't we?
We took off to see the art and right away came upon my hero, Judy Wise, at her booth. I was not taking photos of the artists and their work, as it makes me feel a little like I am stealing. Judy's sweet husband, John, was sitting with her and keeping her company. It was good to meet the elegant country farmer and shake hands. Maybe some "green thumb" rubbed off on me - I hope. Judy's booth was full of her wonderful encaustics. They were great fun to see up close. I just wanted to touch them all - they looked like candy!
I also saw an artist named Amanda Blake (with a precious child on her lap) who I had just today found on someone else's blog. Maybe Candace's. And Diane Culhane, who is absolutely tremendous. I wanted one of her paintings, but did I mention the Mister was with me? It's hard to buy things with men around. (Well, for me anyway.)
One disappointment at this year's gathering was no Sara's Tamales. She comes up from Eugene each year and the tamales are sooooo good. But never fear. We had pad Thai noodles and chicken sate.
It was fun to be in the big town again. So much to see and the Mister was a good pal to go with me. He doesn't care much for the city life.
Ben and Jerry's shop was offering two-for-one coupons so we did walk up to 10th and I had a Cherry Garcia sugar cone and took a photo of a woman's ponytail holder. (I love dragonflies.) She was very accommodating to a stranger's request to take a picture of the back of her head.
All too soon it was goodbye to Portland. Later, baby! (I stuck the camera up through the sun roof of the car and shot this as we drove off. Turned out pretty good, huh?)
At home once more, with a slight hint of depression at the thought of getting back in the grind (this has been happening too much - the depression, I mean, and I'm sorry to be blurting my brains out, but just feeling a bit "lumpish") so I'm thinking I must get out and do more some fun things and increase my "art medication."
I am running on aren't I? Don't worry. Almost through.
Here is a page from my journal. Shows my interpretation of today's news about Gustav. Hope Candace and Southern Girl are OK.
Also, the article in the Sunday Oregonian had an article about Africa Trek - the honeymoon journey by Alexandre & Sonia Poussin. I hope our Public Television station in Portland shows it!
And tonight I baked zucchini bread - two pans of it for an artist reception on Wednesday. I am vindicated. It rose just fine with great texture. So much for my failure at the biscuits in an earlier blog. I guess I can still bake - and I know I can still eat. Hope all is well out there - femminismo


Jenny Matteson said...

Awesome photos! I like the little plastic horse hitched to the ring, and the shot-out-the-sunroof.

Peter's been making Zucchini bread too- 'tis the season. I can smell it from here! Never take one baking failure to mean you lost your touch. Sometime the baking karma just isn't there, but that doesn't mean you should give up. ;)

Candace said...

Hi there. What an awesome post...
. lucky lucky to get to this fab event!

Say, your horses make me think of the Athens dogs (get it? well, the bulldog is UGA's mascot). They're all over in different silly costumes, and I keep threatening to have a post with all the dawgs.

Love that dragonfly hairclasp! A perfect shot. That journal looks pretty awesome, Jeanne. What did you use? Watercolours or --?
Keep it up and show us more! (and I am nowhere near the Gulf so no problems there. We get later rains but not like theirs!)


Dawn said...

I love it when I catch a glimpse of one of those little horses around town. They always make me smile.
The zucchini bread looks yummy.
I have the same luck as the Mister with parking - I like to call it Parking Karma.

femminismo said...

Thanks, Jenny, for the encouragement to keep baking. I will!
Candace, glad you're out of harm's way. The altered journal pages are gesso and acrylic paint. And India ink marker, I think, on that page.
Georgia has Athens dogs, Albuquerque has painted horses - I think in Oregon they were painting cows for a while.
Dawn, good to hear from you. Yes, the Mister's got parking karma coming out his ears!