Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Making "Living Leaves."

TONIGHT I went to Valley Art and set up a small table during Wednesday's Farmers Market so others could make leaves with me in remembrance of 9/11 or in memory of family and friends.
(See previous post for more.)
Three or four young girls stopped by and colored leaves. The smallest one got her leaf into a tree somehow. I didn't watch, but I think she got something to stand on.
It was so pleasant to be with these youngsters. I had forgotten the happy chatter that goes with a group of kids like this when they're busy doing art. They were talking a lot about computer games and school.
A young boy stopped by with his mom and dad and the family dog and did a great job coloring a leaf and outlining it in a darker color. That's him above. I admired it so much I copied it. I should have told him that's what happens to great art: It gets stolen!
These are by far my favorite leaves tonight. Mama - in memory and the American stripes flag the young girl made. With "Love" and a heart - femminismo
p.s. Hope you are all well tonight. Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite. (Mama used to say that.)

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