Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OK ... This Is Really Funny.

WHENEVER I check in with Judy Wise, I find something that looks like so much fun that I have to try it. But a few weeks ago she tricked me. Actually, it was my eyes that tricked me.
Here is Judy's page and I hope she doesn't mind that I'm sharing a small portion of it with you.
First of all it had this incredibly colorful face in the middle with lots of her little tiny handwriting, because she likes her journals to last F.O.R.E.V.E.R.
I saw the "stamps" with her in all those different hair styles and I thought she had done one of those computer downloads so ... well, you can guess. I wanted to do it too. (Judy always says to steal great ideas!)
So I spent at least an hour and a half taking head shots of myself and a side shot and downloading them into the Stellure "try on a hairstyle" program. When I finished I had a 3-D model of myself and I could try on some hairstyles and make them all sorts of colors. They were mostly ugly as sin, which you will see when I show you this page from my journal.
Also, when you took the photos you were supposed to NOT have hair in front of your ears in case you wanted to have a hairstyle that exposed your ears. If you had hair in front of your ears it would still be there in the form of werewolf ear hair when you "put on" a style like ... oh, say ... the ponytail. Don't I look cute with hairy ear patches?
When I looked back at Judy's journal page, I realized she had merely cut out women's heads from a yearbook, removed their faces and inserted her own. Smart Judy! Well, as you should know by now I can laugh at myself.
The Mister says these photos don't look like me. But if you ever want to do the same dopey thing that I did, and you have an hour and a half you don't mind throwing away, go to stellure.com and try it out. Actually, don't. It's faster to do it the "Judy way."
Today is the last day of September and I'm reluctant to say good bye but I guess I have little choice in the matter. This weekend I'll be attending the Oregon Press Women's fall conference in Cannon Beach with a colleague, JoAnn B. I hope to have lots of great photos to show you when I return - femminismo
p.s. No comments on my batik? Come on! Aren't you going to try it too?

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Candace said...

As a matter of fact, I have left a comment. I sort of like that "Yikes!" photo, femminismo. Maybe I'll try it or better... show photos of Myself in different wigs and hats when I was on some sort of madcap photo op.

Now THAT is scary!
Take care.