Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday ... Day of Rest - Maybe.

TODAY should be a total day of rest for spiritual as well as bodily reasons. In theory, anyway.
However, after breakfast this morning with family, which was fun, we have a total body "couples" massage scheduled, since today is our 12th ANNIVERSARY - the Mister and me.
Thank you, thank you. Congratulations are greedily accepted.
And we can't decide if we should come home after the nice relaxing massage at 2 p.m. and then attack household chores and outside chores or fall onto the sofa and sleep until Monday when the stock market opens ... and then trudge off to work.
I think we'll wait and see how we feel after the massage. If we have turned into some sort of gelatinous goop then we'll opt for the sofa for sure.
I HAVE TO TELL YOU, the Chalk Art Festival turned out sublimely well. It was a great deal of fun and this year I actually got to do a sidewalk square.
Ben and Heather (not shown) Young, above, did a square together: an insect on a flower. They have both participated in Chalk Art since they were in the third grade. Here's another of the work further along.
Eduardo Tecum did a magnificent job as usual, portraying Barack Obama this year. So many talented artists!
Here's a photo of one artist contemplating his canvas before starting. Intimidating, indeed.
Erin Brist (I think that's her name) did the lovely lady with the flowing blond hair.
We had five featured artists and a few returning featured artists who just wanted to create something on their own this year.
Dan Chen chalked out an exact replica of his puppy - such a tiny thing to have such a large representation of itself!
My granddaughters had a great time. They brought a couple friends and dancing to Big Mama Gayle and her Sugar Daddies was something else. Woowee! The kids had inflatable "instruments" to play along with the band, hats, hula hoops, leis, and all sorts of enjoyable accouterments.
Joe Mishkin, the Balloon Man, Not Your Average Joe, created wonderful balloon hats and butterfly wings. He is a kick in the pants. I hope others followed the link to his space on the Web from the earlier post.
Here are a few more photos. The titles of them, if you click on them and open the larger shot, tells you just a little about them. The full link of photos will be at as soon as I can get to it - femminismo

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Candace said...

Oh Jeanne. Congratulations! And to the Mister, too. How Beautiful a Day as the Baby would say... those chalkings are fabulous and look at that hydrangea!

Thank you for sharing this all with us. Happiness shared is happiness doubled; trouble shared is trouble halved. It's true.
Your Pal.