Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Late - I'm Crazy!

JUST WANT to tell you to check out the ValleyArt blog to see what I did this afternoon and tonight. Mary W. and I were hostesses for First Wednesday Downtown.
After we got the reception food out and welcomed the artists I went out into the farmers market and had a tantalizingly good sope. (Picture of one above.) Yum. The Adelante Mujeres were giving away more free samples of their great cooking. They made 500 of them and gave them all away and had to run to the store for more supplies. I think they were up to 600 handmade tiny, thick tortillas with beans, cheese, salsa. Soooo good.
It was a wonderful evening. There where still blueberries and I didn't get any! Just these in the photo. What's wrong with me? Maybe on Saturday there will be some at the farmers market for us "should have boughts" - femminismo
Gotta go. Like I said, I'm crazy!

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