Monday, September 8, 2008

Yes, It's Monday And I've Had My Cup Of Sanity.

THANK goodness for friends like JoAnn, who bring packets of tea to work on insane Mondays. It seemed like almost everything that could go wrong did this morning. All except for her kindness in giving me packets of sweet, flavorful tea that got me through until noon. Then work eased up a little and fell into a more routine pattern and was almost bearable.
Tonight I got my computer work space cleaned up and am feeling pretty proud of myself for this tiny, tiny step toward more control of my surroundings. I found the most interesting things while going through my piles of paper.
Maybe some of them will end up on journal pages and you can see them too - femminismo
p.s. Take good care of yourselves. My advice? Have a cup of decaf tea.


Candace said...

Oh how I do love that photo! Nothing like a red cup or somethingorother to cheer one up. I look forward to seeing your "computer space excavations" on some journal pages.

Jenny Matteson said...

That's a great red cup you have there! Did you know that The Good Earth's cinnamon spice herbal tea is Peter's new favorite??? It's great for the end of the day.

I'm sorry to hear you had an insane Monday, but if it makes you feel any better I feel a bit overwhemled myself.