Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Coming Along.

I HAVE finished the "Lady Liberty Voting" canvas and took a photo to place it as background for our Valley Art campaign posters. The goal is to raise voters' consciousness when it comes to Voting For The Arts.
The wide blue sky will provide a nice, neutral background to the type (and information - dates, times, etc.) that will go into this poster. The Valley Art Annual Artist Event is coming on Nov. 3 with members' night and then Northwest artists will have their work on sale in the gallery during two weeks in November for the public.
I am hopeful this poster image will generate the idea that everyones' vote counts, especially when it comes to underwriting the educational benefits of arts and literature in school curricula.
Well, I am posting this on my lunch break at home. Must go back to work. May have more later; like an update on Living Leaves - femminismo

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Candace said...

WOW! That looks totally fabulous. I love what you did with this, Jeanne. How did you get that sky, that ground? Perfect!

Thanks for sharing this!
Have a good weekend. Mine is starting early. As in tomorrow.
Big Hug,