Sunday, April 19, 2009

Disintegration Means Being Eaten Too!

BITS NIBBLED AWAY, that's what the slugs were up to during December, January, February and March. Hidden away and protected from the elements, the bundled and tied pages provided some protection from the winter storms - snow, ice, rain, sleet.
Now it's April and I could stand it no longer. I wanted to see what had been happening under my Disintegration Project. You can see by these results that the paper or gesso provided something(s) with quasi-nourishment. Yuck!
There were also bulbs sprouting under the pages and weeds growing, so they needed to be moved and rearranged a bit.
It is lovely to see words glimmering through the thin application of gesso, and a little gross but nevertheless fascinating to see words through the "disintegration."
THE back yard is so full of blooming things: muscari and dandelions, yellow and blue, are an appealing color combination. The muscari are loved more than the dandelions, however. The tulip tree is in full glory, so I climbed a ladder to get some "underbelly" views. You can see our redwood tree through the upper part of the tree. Needless to say, it's been around for quite some time - much longer than any of the other trees or plants. Longer, even, than me!
Last pic: the back of the house through the tulip tree.
We're going to a barbecue today - first of the season, so I'd better go do something related to housework. I already made a batch of cinnamon espresso chocolate chip cookies, which I sampled, and that wasn't necessarily a good idea. Not a bad one either, since I'm buzzing with energy now - femminismo


Candace said...

It looks and sounds like you have had the perfect weekend, Jeanne, esp with those buzzin' cookies. Yum. The tulip tree is sooo gorgeous. And I am sure the snails and pals have appreciated the other goodies left out via Disintegration.
Have a great week! x

3rdEyeMuse said...

it's so fascinating to be able to watch the disintegration's happen - amazing, really.

the yard pictures are really pretty ... and those cinnamon espresso chocolate chip cookies have my mouth-a-watering!

happy BBQ!

Seth said...

Great to see the "progress" on your bundle. And the slide show on your sidebar is such a cool idea!

Robyn said...

Interesting to see your disintigration bundle. I'm wondering what's nibbling on my bundle underground and hoping the white ants have got into the wood to give it some character.