Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Is - Incredibly - Really Here.

LIKE a forgotten memory suddenly nudged alive by a quiet reminder, spring has finally arrived. Just when I had begun to think warmth and that certain shade of green in the grass and the riot of birdsong would never come again it's here in abundance.
Whenever I've walked out the front door I've found water all over the stone path and I couldn't figure out why. It wasn't raining. And then I noticed how little water was in the bird bath. Wow! Talk about walking around a Gloomy Gus with my head in the gray clouds.
The cold hard earth is sending up shoots and leaves, and today while I was trimming back the frost-burnt, bent fern to let the new shoots unfurl (say that three times fast) I found other green shoots that indicate the Solomon's seal is well on its way.
The yellow johnny jump-ups are flowering in the back yard and seem to be spreading, which is good news to me. The forsythia, above, and the Oregon grape, at left, have filled in the fence line with yellow and it looks like the cherry tree may be filled with blossoms very soon.
This fine weather couldn't have come at a better time. We'll enjoy it while we can and put some seeds into the earth so on Wednesday, when the rain arrives, it can help us instead of entirely disappointing us.
Here is one last picture of the moon peeking in the sunroom at us while we ate our dinner - femminismo

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Candace said...

Hello there. I do love the photos here, and especially that moonglow photo at the end there.

No more Gloomy Gus, eh?
Take care!
Your Pal in Athens