Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Can't Stay Away From You For Long, Can I?

IT'S THE TRUTH, and I know it. Whenever I get something special in the mail, whenever I create something unusual, I have to share it with you, my beloved blog and blog friends.
I got a birthday card from my friend in eastern Oregon - in Monument. I swore I was going to write to her sooner, and then this card comes and I realize almost an entire year has gone by. I made myself wait for a bit before I opened it, so as to savor the experience, and then I laughed so hard when I opened it and saw this photograph.
This is our 8th grade graduating class from our tiny three-room elementary school. No junior high for us, set apart to distance the genteel village folk from the distracting elements of emerging puberty. Pat said in her card that only two of us looked "normal." I am the goofy one, front and center, and I have no memory of that skirt or blouse. Actually I think the blouse must have been adorable! And the hair looks pretty tame; tamer than it usually was. Pat is in the back on the left. (I think she sees something in my hair. Maybe it's a bug that's crawling down my neck and the photographer told us to hold still.)
Here is the envelope and another official-looking letter I got. Turns out it is official. The auditors at work want to make sure their facts agree with my best estimation of how long I've been working there and when I was born and if my figures of a -32 percent loss on my 401(k) is in line with their tally. Sounds good to me. I thought it was more like -50 percent, but let's keep that quiet in case they double check. Ha ha, boo hoo!
This morning, before I left for work, I had to look twice at the maple tree. A few days ago, nothing; now it's covered with bursts of green waiting to unfurl. (The American elm is first, with no leaves yet, then the maple, then the Sequoia and redwood at back. And the cherry tree dressed in full white blooms.) And since it got so cool last night, the tulips may last a little longer around the "Woman With No Face."
She must be happy about that. And I am too, really, despite being cold.
I stopped at Office Depot tonight and found the coolest folders and gel pens in all colors that I could not resist. And some paper that is pre-punched along one side so it can be turned into a folder with a plastic coil binding. But, first, lots of paint! - femminismo


~Barb~ said...

Sounds like a great score at Office Depot...I can't ever resist new pens, either. lol
Peace & Love,

Candace said...

Oh Jeanne, what a great shot of you, you sly little ham! That Faceless Garden is heartbreakingly lovely and wow, your trees really woke up!!!

Don't you love finding things at same old, same old stores? I found some great little pens at Publix last week! The grocery store of all places... go figure.

Take care, Pal!
LOVE this post.

peggy gatto said...

Say, I just found you when I went to update my hoops and yoyo blog! There you were with your nice comment!
And, I know what you mean about the "sudden" burst of growth in the garden!!!!
Our roses went ballistic after a CA heat week(90's)
Loved visiting you and will be back for more!!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

love that graduation picture! & congrats on the new toys! can't wait to see what you do with them. :)

Anonymous said...

The school photo is wonderful...keep us posted on those trees, it's great to hear about the reverse of whats happening down-under...winter has started with a vengence here.