Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today Is A New Day.

WELL, actually, today is almost over. Only a few more hours here and it will be tomorrow.
But it was a new day today and somehow it finally worked out OK. Some more gloominess today and trying to figure out what is going on. A good cry, some talking, some work in the yard, took some pictures, had a hot shower, then painted some paper.
April is National Poetry Month and I have not honored it here yet - so let's get on with it!

Earth does not understand her child,
Who from the loud gregarious town
Returns, depleted and defiled,
To the still woods, to fling him down.

Earth can not count the sons she bore:
The wounded lynx, the wounded man
Come trailing blood unto her door;
She shelters both as best she can.

But she is early up and out,
To trim the year or strip its bones;
She has no time to stand about
Talking of him in undertones

Who has no aim but to forget,
Be left in peace, be lying thus
For days, for years, for centuries yet,
Unshaven and anonymous;

Who, marked for failure, dulled by grief,
Has traded in his wife and friend
For this warm ledge, this alder leaf:
Comfort that does not comprehend.

I WANT to show you the little book (up above) I made of my papers I painted (last post). There is a special punch and some plastic binders the receptionist at work uses, and she showed me how to operate this and the papers got put together. My friend, JoAnn, said maybe instead of the plastic, use ribbon, yarn or wire. That sounds good, too. Next time.
Tonight I started painting more paper - greens on one side, purple and pink on the other. Does the transfer of the eye detail look familiar? It was on Seth's blog, a detail from an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I believe.
I also took pictures of my Disintegration Project this afternoon as I worked in the garden. I decided to turn over the book pages and allow the back side to get some of the sunshine due in the next few days. AND I couldn't stand giving the slugs refuge for much longer, so they are now g.o.n.e. Pictures of the pages coming soon. May 1 is the day to figure out what to do with them.
And Judy Wise, who attended, taught and learned at Artfest, is doing some self portraits on her blog, and since I like to steal her ideas, I did my own self portrait tonight. I'll leave you with that - femminismo


Seth said...

Nice post, brimming with creativity. Funny...I always look at blog pictures before I read the text and I was immediately drawn to the page with the eye! Well done!

Candace said...

These are just so fun, Jeanne! I do enjoy seeing what you are up to!

And just look at you there, surrounded by the light and flowers but a few feet away. What a lovely profile. Look at the burst of blue at the ear -- perfect.
Now I can hardly wait for 1 May to see what else is up with you.

Love love love that poem! Thanks for sharing it.
Your Pal.

A rambling rose said...

Looking forward to your disintegration - slugs are still attacking mine! Library card is now winging its way across the pond to you !

A rambling rose said...

love the poem - seems very in keeping with what's going on!

Anonymous said...

What a striking portraitof edna.. there is such stillness about her.

Lucrecer said...

I must agree...this post is oozing with creativity and inspiration. So glad I happened upon your blog.